Why choose a mortgage insurance broker?

The mortgage insurance broker is a prime resource. This professional knows in depth the different products available on the market. Le Maître de l’Assurance works with a wide selection of affiliates to find the most appropriate protection for you. Using brokers allows you to get higher quality products without necessarily paying more.

A reassuring protection

This type of insurance covers the mortgage in the event of death, disability or even a diagnosis of a critical illness. Initially, we covered the mortgage amount in the event of the death of one of the owners and the mortgage payments for two years in the event of disability. Increasingly, people are improving their protection by adding critical illness coverage to their insurance or they choose to cover their mortgage payments over a longer period of time in the event of disability.

Some of the distinctive advantages that the broker can bring you:

  • A better price, especially if you are a non-smoker
  • A guaranteed premium
  • The absence of medical questions once the contract is in place
  • The possibility of keeping your insurance even if you change banks
  • The choice of your beneficiaries
  • The possibility of leveling the amounts (you benefit from real insurance even if the balance of your mortgage reaches $5,000).

Bank or Advisor? Compare!

The bank (or any other lending institution) will offer you its own insurance product. So while shopping around for your mortgage, don’t forget to shop for your mortgage insurance as well


So whether you are looking for your first home or are already established, contact our mortgage insurance brokers. We will search among our partners for the best coverage according to your profile and requirements. Our consultations are free of charge and require no obligation on your part. Go ahead, compare!

Frequently asked questions

No. The lender is entitled to demand insurance, but cannot oblige you to opt for his, as the insurance offered by a broker is just as valid. If your institution appears to require you to take insurance with them, ask them to put the request in writing. It will be easier to meet their requirements.

Yes. The mortgage insurance broker can intervene at any given time. Even if you have already signed the papers at the notary, it is not too late. Le Maître de l’Assurance will be happy to compare products and offer the best solution.