Broker and life annuity

Financial investments for a golden retirement

The life annuity broker is surely the least known specialist of the financial security advisors. Yet, they offer you a simple and advantageous solution to ensure you get regular payments at retirement without having to worry about managing your portfolio.

With this product, Le Maître de l’Assurance offers you the possibility of converting your savings into a stable and guaranteed retirement income for the rest of your life. The life annuity is part of the set of investments, savings and retirement income tools that we are able to offer you thanks to our affiliations with our many partners.

How many years do you have left to live?

The life annuity frees you from the fear of not having enough income when you get to retirement. No one know at what age we die. Some people have poor health and die in old age. Others, who have always been in good health are struck down younger. If you die soon after purchasing a life annuity, you will have received few payments. The spouse’s reversibility and guarantee options allow loved ones to benefit from the payments after your death.

Investments and life annuity

There are many ways to build your savings and we are at your service to help you put your money to work in order to carry out your projects or transform your investments into income when the time comes to enjoy retirement.


  • Segregated funds RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, RESP
  • GICs Guaranteed investment certificates
  • Savings account Company or individual
  • Pension fund transfer LIRA

Frequently asked questions

Life annuities are only offered through insurance companies and require the involvement of a financial security advisor. Is your bank advisor a financial security advisor? Check with the Autorité des marchés financiers.

The 80s are long gone, so we say goodbye to 20% yields! Interest rates have been stable for several years. «I remember that in a certain time period, a 5% guaranteed rate over 5 years was not a good investment. However, who would refuse this today?» recalls Martin Forget, president of Le Maître de l’Assurance and life annuity broker. We can say for sure that life annuity still has its place.

Of course! Several options can be implemented. You can use part of the money to buy a life annuity and keep the other part available for emergencies. Another option is to opt for a hybrid product that will guarantee a lifetime amount while leaving money available. We always compare scenarios when discussing life annuity, so you can make the best decision based on your current situation.

We can shop for you and find several solutions. We are in business to help you no matter your strategy. So even if you don’t want to take risks, we evaluate and find the best deal for you. We can even advise you on Épargne Placement Québec products.

  • What products does he have the right to distribute? Verify on the AMF website.
  • Which companies does he represent? Obviously, a life annuity broker who shops may have better options than someone who works primarily with one company.
  • What is his training and experience? Martin Forget has actuarial training and has been in the insurance business for over 15 years. With his team, he takes a personalized approach to achieve the best link between the available products and the needs of their customers.