As an insurance and investment brokerage firm, Le Maître de l’Assurance provides you with the best tools to protect your income and help build your savings. In a personalized approach based on listening, our services demonstrate that we work in your best interest.

Life insurance

Protect your family by ensuring their financial security in the event of your death. Our insurance brokers will help you define the most appropriate life insurance for your needs: term, permanent, with limited payments, with guaranteed or leveled premiums. Through our extensive network of partners, we are able to get the best coverage for every dollar invested. After all, we are Le Maître de l’Assurance.

Disability Insurance

In the event of illness or accident, could you continue to support yourself and your loved ones? Disability insurance compensates for a loss of income if you are unable to work due to an injury, accident or short or long term illness. You think you are well protected by your group insurance, but do you really know what it covers? Please be aware that individual disability insurance can provide the protection that suits you, whether you are an employee or self-employed.

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Critical illness insurance

This insurance guarantees you the payment of compensation following the diagnosis of an illness included in your insurance contract. There are around 20 illnesses generally covered, including cancer, heart attacks and strokes. This protection enhances your disability insurance. If you were to get sick, you could count on this financial help to free yourself from financial stress and focus on what really matters: your recovery.

  • Health and dental insurance

    Medical expenses not covered by the RAMQ represent thousands of dollars per person each year. Health and dental insurance can cover recurring or unforeseen expenses and ensure the level of care you and your family need: access to a semi-private room, paramedical costs such as teeth and glasses. Bonus! The premium for this insurance may be eligible for the medical expense tax credit. Why not take it?

  • Travel insurance

    Travelling should allow you to have enriching experiences, not horror stories like you’ve probably heard! A glitch can occur even if your trip is on Canadian soil or is short-lived. Before leaving, check what your group or credit card insurance includes. And call on us to provide you with the best coverage in emergency medical care, trip cancellations, accidental death or dismemberment, loss or theft of luggage. Bring back happy memories from your vacations!

  • Mortgage insurance

    You have taken care to shop around for your mortgage rate. Also consider shopping for your mortgage insurance. Your bank cannot require you to buy the one it submits to you. Contact our insurance brokerage professionals and benefit from many advantages. We deal with several different partners to find the ideal protection for you, at the best market price.

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  • Investments and life annuity

    As financial security advisors, we analyse your situation to establish the best financial plan, whether it is for your investments or for your retirement income; life annuity, RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, RESP, LIRA, GIC. We take the time to fully understand your needs and your objectives in order to find the most profitable products for you from the several different companies, organisations and institutions we work with. Answers to your questions and solutions that pay off; it’s our commitment to your satisfaction.

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