A disability insurance broker

Peace of mind at your reach

The disability insurance broker puts his know-how at the service of your family. Does your group insurance protect you in the event of a disability? Do you know how much you would actually receive as compensation if an illness or accident prevented you from performing your duties?

What to analyse?

Several aspects must be considered, such as the maximum to which the insurance entitles you, the percentage of income allocated, the definition of disability by your insurer, the fixed duration of the coverage in the event of short or long-term disability…

Employee or self-employed

Whether you are employed of self-employed, consulting a broker is simple, judicious and free of charge. Better informed and equipped with adequate protection, you will have the assurance of and income sufficient to support yourself and your loved ones if you become unable to work temporarily or permanently.

Frequently asked questions

There are a few government programs related to road accidents (SAAQ) or work accidents (CNESST). In case of illness, sickness unemployment for a maximum of 15 weeks remains the only option. Unfortunately, 15 weeks goes by very quickly if you are recovering for two years.

People often associate disability and accident. However, disabilities resulting from injuries account for approximately 8% of disabilities1. What is usually more worrying is a disease that involves a larger recovery period :
• 31% – mental disorders: depression and others
• 16% – cancer
• 12% – cardiovascular disease
When a disability lasts more than 90 days, the average duration of leave is 2.1 to 3.2 years2. This is why disability insurance is a must.


  1. Source : Organisation mondiale de la santé – Disease and injury country estimates (nov 2013).
  2. Source : Table A de Commissioners Individual Disability de 1985.

If you have never read your group insurance booklet, it’s time to validate! The good news is that we love to read them, so we’d be happy to help you and check it out! Groups insurance is good, but that does not guarantee that you are well covered. It is possible to add individual insurance to help complete your group insurance.

Unfortunately, even if you are covered by your spouse’s group insurance, disability insurance is usually limited to the employee only.